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GaSTC is new territory for growth and expansion in learning

GaSTC is new territory for growth and expansion in learning

The Georgia Student Technology Competition is a first for students at Spring Hill Elementary School.  In the future, the spread of those that will be involved will expand.  In 2018, six students accepted the challenge to be part of the West Georgia Technology Competition which opened the door for state competition in March. While being ambassadors, the […]

SHES Media Center Homepage Gets a Makeover

Last school year, the media center homepage directed users to the Spring Hill Media Blog but this has changed and the new location can be found by accessing the Media Center Homepage at > Media Center > Spring Hill Media Blog which leads to the Media Center Catalog where some advantages include direct access to the Library Catalog […]

The New SHES Media Center Organization

The media center is making progress towards creating a search method for both younger and older students.  Last school year in SY 16-17, a group of 5G students organized a system thinking through the mind of of a KDG or 1G student.  Stop by the media center and investigate the process.  Login and browse in […]

Follett Challenge: Community Votes: Spring Hill Elementary

Spring Hill Elementary School is Seeking Community’s Votes as Part of $200,000 National Education Contest Schools Receiving Most People’s Choice Votes Will Win $8,000 Each Fayetteville, GA (January 23, 2017) – Spring Hill Elementary School has entered a $200,000 national education contest hoping for a chance at one of the 13 prizes that will be […]

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