How do you access Edmodo?

  • If you are already registered in Edmodo, skip to the **
  • Go to http://fayette.edmodo.com
  • Click on “I’m a student”.
  • Use the Code tccdc7 to login.  This is the team 7A group.
  • Enter your information to finish registration.
    • For your user name, use bms followed by your last name and first initial.  For example, bmsellerj or bmsfranklinb.
    • Your password should be your library number.
  • Once you are registered in Edmodo, you can add your other classes by selecting the join URL(s) for each class.  Once selected the teacher will accept your submission to join the class.  Only register for the classes you are actually in.
  • The class codes can be found on the Team 7A Website at http://goo.gl/Y9DjIW.
  • From now on you will not “Sign up” but will “Sign in” but entering your Username and your Password.

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