Thanks to the Troops! SHES plays it back …

This is the week that we write to the troops and express our thanks.  The plan for the week will be adapted by grade level but the outcome is the same:

  1. Write letters or bring written letters to the troops to express thanks.  If teachers have had their students write letters in class already, they were to bring them to the media center for the specials rotation.  The tie-in was to link technology with written letters by providing a short URL and QR code for the service persons to access.​​
  2. Students were to record the letters online so the troops can access the letter and accompanying voice of the student reading the letter.
  3. Stickers with QR codes and short URLs to the voice recordings were placed on the letters to send.
Details were placed in each of the grade level Google folders on the SHES Teacher Homepage as well as linked to a message sent to the staff.
Google Resource Folder = HERE

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