Spring Hill Elementary students say thanks! Take two …

Last year students at Spring Hill began a journey to consider the cost of service for a service member in the military.  They started to explore how to say thank you and what to say thank you for.

The new element of thanks was made known by a tribute from author Eve Bunting.  The benefit of this gesture is that the location of thanks is known and matches with a voice.  Students may be connected to the world with a picture of justice and mercy that is developing and, through the sharing of life can be local, the global impact of service men and women remains a story to be told.

Google Version: Eve Bunting_The Wall

Students began to create letters of thanks for the troops last year and then record their thoughts using Audioboom.  The process was extensive and collaborative.  The steps to documents letters of thanks were taken on by younger and older students with the help of classroom teachers.  The process was shared with veterans on November 11th during a memorable assembly honoring veterans from the community.  Here is the production story.

Google Version: Thanks Troops_Spring Hill Elementary School_2014

Students shared their handwritten letters to the service men and women serving across the globe to read and listen to a deserved thanks from the students.  The process began last year and will continue this year to connect and extend our gratitude for their service and for our freedom.

Veterans Day Live Broadcast:




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