Spring Hill Suns Winter Holiday Concert 2016 (Periscope and Twitter)

As sent to the staff of Spring Hill Elementary School

Yesterday the Winter Holiday Performance was recorded using Periscope, Twitter’s live stream tool.  You can check out the App to explore and services like YouTube Live and Facebook Live; additional options.  Compared to previous SNN (news) broadcasts and challenges with equipment, time, challenges on set up, and access for our community, the Periscope (e.g. Twitter Video Live) turned out well regarding quality and use.  To date we had 13 live viewers and 16 replay viewers (7:45 AM, 12.17.16).  The value of sharing what we celebrate is valid towards reinforcing positive thinking and moral for students and staff; we are what we celebrate.  It is always a work in progress but aren’t we all.

If you have something to share, consider using Twitter while at school.  You have things worth sharing each day.  Twitter is open for the population at school on WiFi because of the mass educational benefit of sharing and learning.  I believe that we should consider these avenues and have conversations about Twitter as a tool that we can tap in to.

Over the break, sign for a Twitter account and find out who @springhillsuns follows and follow them back ~ share with those you follow and they can follow you.  Join the community of Twitter and include the hashtag #suns2day in your tweet.  The @springhillsuns Twitter feed is embedded on the Spring Hill site and, if you include @springhillsuns in your tweet, your tweet can be retweeted and we can tell the story of Spring Hill, together!

That being said, here is the Twitter Live / Periscope recording of the Winter Holiday Performance: https://goo.gl/N8PCIJ

You have thoughts worth sharing.  Let’s learn, together!

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