New Year … Same old thing … Or not :-)

We are off to a new start at Spring Hill Elementary School.

Here is a drop down, accordion style of key elements that I ask you to consider as the year progresses.  There are more thoughts in my mind but these four in particular are laden with risk and challenge and take … Mr. Hudson … some grit.  Stay connected, get connected, let go, dig in, and lets move forward together.  What ideas do you have for the new year?

For example:

Explore more:

Use your Google Calendar to find the SHES_Media Main, SHES_Production, SHES_Work Room, and SHES_Maker Space calendars and reserve time to meet, explore, create, and facilitate.
New for 2017, there is an intense investigation beginning to explore the facets of generefication. Check out the Media Specialist "Genrefication Worksheet: Deciding Genres" to have a peak at the collaboration ( and also the differences between two media center journeys in "Barrow Elementary vs Beth Webster" (
Throwing this option out there, the media center is a hub for resources and learning. I try to have my ear to the tracks and be listening for the train bringing in resources that can help you. For example, talk to 2nd grade after the exploration of Hyperdocs ( I want to work with you in any capacity to assure that "What I Need" from your perspective is attainable and sustainable. Let me know.
Have you considered STEAM as an integration that you would like to see more of in your classroom? Media centers and classrooms alike benefit from play, tinkering, construction, and investigation. No time? Maybe this is what is missing to make the time you have more effective? One we are working this in is through aquaponics. Check out the new growth in the media center and see if there are things you wonder about that I can help out with and investigate.

Remember to check out the responses HERE.

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