2017 Presidential Inauguration: Watch, Discuss, Contribute

Greetings, everyone.  Due to varying ability to holistically stream the Presidential Inauguration, here are some options that you to stream within your classroom from a wired network.  Those at large, make your choice, but those in the schools, this will make the best use of our streaming opportunity.

The location for the streaming is available at this link and also additional connections you may choose in order to access the resources and interact with the influx of communication surrounding the election.  Check out these resources HERE.

Every major news site will be offering dedicated coverage of the Presidential Inauguration, including:

The news station CNN usually schedules a special Presidential Inauguration feature; users are able to watch the inauguration online in tandem with other CNN users who are also their Facebook friends. Be sure to check out the CNN live feed. Users can watch the presidential inauguration online and on connected devices via a variety of options:

More from this resource:

On Twitter use #inauguration#president, and of course, the name of the candidate who has been chosen to take the oath of office.

In addition, you’ll want to take a look at a few users that do a great job of covering inaugural events: https://twitter.com/przinauguration, the official White House Twitter account at https://twitter.com/whitehouse, the Marine Corp band at https://twitter.com/marineband, and the Secret Service at https://twitter.com/secretservice.

Watch Twitter carefully, especially making use of trending hashtags, to get a head start on any breaking news or interesting events that may happen during the course of the inauguration. Twitter users are usually among the first to make these known, and it’s a great way to get live, breaking news from firsthand witnesses.

Last but not least, Twitter users compile lists, and these lists are exceedingly handy to follow since you don’t have to go through and find all these different users yourself. For example, this list of breaking news  Twitter handles has almost every global source of news you can think of, from Al Jazeera to the BBC.

Additionally, Discover Education has a myriad of options to preview the inauguration through a “Virtual Viewing Party”.  Look behind the scenes of a White House transition. Explore what it’s like to live at the White House and see how the White House staff move one president out, and the new president in, in less than six hours.

Visit the event page to register and …

  • Utilize the viewing content and activities
  • Access related classroom resources
  • Join the discussion with classrooms around the country

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