Nutritional Supplements (or Whole Foods)

We are not a balanced meal … we are more like the dessert table. There needs to be nutritional expert in place to manage our diet. That may be why LIM did not work out very well after #lighthouse. Sugar high then … crash.

Different sugars and different metabolisms. Some people slept through through the whole thing and some were in lightning mode. Some ate too much, got sick, and left. Others heard we were serving donuts and showed up. Right now, the donuts are outdated. The appetite is not where it was. Well, the appetite may be there but we don’t all agree on what’s in the box to choose from. The crazy thing is, nobody really needs the donuts. We have to choose out of what we have been given … it tastes good in the moment and we eat them because they are donuts when there are so many more choices in the bakery. We should open a bakery and make our own pastries. At that point we know what we have, we know what we want, and then we can sell it. Then we have a brand. Until then we are consuming sweets from the clearance rack and telling ourselves that we are okay but we are all going to die from diabetes someday unless we change out diet. Diabetes … solution … modify the diet and increase exercise. #designthinking #steam #ideo #actonmodel #pbl

Yes. Everyone may not like it but we have to pick one. They can then pick their own toppings. Yet we have not even chosen the dessert.

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