House For Sale

After preparing a Sensory Walk for students to grow, explore, and play, the time has come to move on.


We’ve had 2 different students try to pick up rocks from the sensory walk in the SAIL. At this time, we need the sensory walk items to be removed as there is a concern for the safety hazard presented. Please plan to do so asap.


In seeking to understand before being understood I would like to discuss this proposition further.


I do not believe it needs to be discussed further. We would like for it to be cleaned up as quickly as possible.


Last evening I canceled the meeting to discuss further courtyard plans: “I am canceling the meeting we have scheduled tomorrow as I feel that further conversations about plans for the space in the courtyard would not be productive.”

Timing is everything. This is a real estate business of the mind. Investments sometimes take extended renovation to find the value. The market may be an investors market vs a buyers market right, now. The possibilities may be moving back from “under contract” to “for sale”. I was hoping the push for a plan would move forward to “sold” and we could get mindfully moved in to the plan and meet the neighbors in the community of learning. It may be worth looking into another neighborhood.

For the long term all this is allowing a growing deficit for our kids. A vacant house is always harder to sell then one that is lived in.

The best houses have marks of kids growth marked on the door frames, marks of handprints on walls, creaks in the floors, drafty windows, kitchen tables with coloring marks, and stained carpets. Memories of growing up ~ looking in, looking up, and looking out. A new house has been built where a family has new parents. Where is the legacy for generations? The story we are telling is more like the evening news vs an epic novel.

The plot is debilitating.

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