Jeff Eller

I love learning and enjoy my role as a husband and father. My passion is turning learning into an adventure and being tuned on to the needs and processes of learning that students partake in. My goal is to make the adage "if you teach a man to fish he will never starve" to heart and make learning a process that really makes life livable. My final goal is to do as Colossians 3:23 says and to do all I do heartily as for the Lord.

I really enjoy running, cycling, canoeing, and backpacking. As a family we really like being outdoors and camping. It is so much fun being outdoors and making learning part of that adventure.

I Can Shine

I am a sun who shines so bright, I am the leader who does what’s right. First I work, and then I play, I am proactive in every way. As a leader, I’ll do my best, so I will shine above the rest. I take pride in all I do, because I matter and so do you!  – Jeff Eller –

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