Community Planning with the City Manager at Spring Hill Elementary School

Wow, what a great time sharing and being involved with Fayetteville City Manager Ray Gibson and Public Relations Specialist Danny Harrison with the students at Spring Hill Elementary School, today.  This is a great example of the energy level of the students and also what they bring to the equation.  This is their city and they have an amazing capacity to connect and communicate their thoughts and learning.  I am looking forward to continued involvement in the planning and implementation process of how reality and schooling collide into telling the story of our community at the Fayette Vision Summit Experience ( On June 11th through the 15th.  
Also, in relation to the STEAM program and the presence of the MakerSpace at Spring Hill, the inclusion of creative solutions and sharing supports the relevance and continued efforts to connect the teachers, students, and community leaders together.  The students and I looked you (Ray) up at and they decided that they should give you a call to learn more.  I mentioned that you would be here in 30 minutes and they were through the roof!  

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