The Pollinator Garden Gets a New Home

Last school year, about this same time, the 4-H Youth Development team with the help of Fayette Master Gardener volunteers planted a pollinator garden at Spring Hill Elementary School.  We experienced a significant deficit in water availability so we proceeded to move the garden closer to the school and to the potential that a rain catchment system would have.  This took place with the help of 2nd grade and 3rd grade students on one of the Spring Hill Elementary School STEAM Days.

Once built, the 5th grade students designed a gravity fed drip irrigation system from donated supplies sourced through rainwater from the roof of the school.  With 6 new raised beds, the water flowed to all beds by raising the level of water leading from the holding tank.

Next, 3rd grade students built the system that the 5th grade students designed.

We now were ready for the replanting of the pollinator garden closer to the school for student access and closer to water for irrigation.  The volunteer team gathered together and a team of kindergarten and 4th grade students buddied up and took on the planting challenge.

We are two days away from summer break and transplants are in place.  When these students come back, there will be some great progress and the ecosystem will be enhanced both in the garden and amongst friends.  Thanks to all the volunteers and students that were and continue to be a part of this project!

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