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SHES Media Center Homepage Gets a Makeover

Last school year, the media center homepage directed users to the Spring Hill Media Blog but this has changed and the new location can be found by accessing the Media Center Homepage at springhillsuns.org > Media Center > Spring Hill Media Blog which leads to the Media Center Catalog where some advantages include direct access to the Library Catalog […]

The New SHES Media Center Organization

The media center is making progress towards creating a search method for both younger and older students.  Last school year in SY 16-17, a group of 5G students organized a system thinking through the mind of of a KDG or 1G student.  Stop by the media center and investigate the process.  Login and browse in […]

Summmer Backpacking in the Great Smoky Mountain National Park

The pictures and video are put together to contextualize the experience.  There is no sound other that what was naturally recorded to frame what it was like in the moment and through the experience. YOUTUBE VIDEO: Summer Backpacking in the Smoky Mountain National Park 2017 07.11.17  Backpacking Day 1 Working through thoughts and taking time to […]

Full STEAM Ahead (or not)

Herein lies a conversation between myself and a colleague.  Nothing is confidential here but it seems that it is treated as such; that the conversation should be more public than it is.   START HERE:  A colleague shares what STEAM is (Science, Technology, Engineering, (the) Arts, Math)  Really good Ted talk that kinda summarizes our […]

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