SHES Media Center Homepage Gets a Makeover

Screenshot of the new homepage with interactive Google Slide deck for resource access

Last school year, the media center homepage directed users to the Spring Hill Media Blog but this has changed and the new location can be found by accessing the Media Center Homepage at > Media Center > Spring Hill Media Blog which leads to the Media Center Catalog where some advantages include direct access to the Library Catalog and the search options that surround a redesign of how books are found using a genre organization.  

genre is much like a reading category of similar subjects.  For example, ADVENTURE would include knights, castles, expeditions, exploration, and high energy stories; more in another announcement on this.  

Come on in and check it out to get a feel for the space and how the space matches the Media Center Catalog.

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  1. Les Thornton August 18, 2017 at 11:56 PM |

    I love you Mr.Eller! Thanks for being an amazing teacher.


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