Expeditionary Learning (exposed) … the POSSIBLE

I encourage you to read this, look in to this, think about the “possible”.

There were witnesses yesterday to a discussion that involved a paradigm shift leading to the reformation of educational awareness and access.  New technology does not define or even refine us.  It is a tool that can extend, deepen, and facilitate exploration and expedition that stems from a mindset … it starts with a mindset and “it” does not “control” us (but we can let it “consume” us).

Or, it feeds the data monster 🙂

A colleague and I had a conversation yesterday that revolved around Makerspaces and “making” in general pertaining to the media center and real classroom transformation (primarily PBL).  This is not new but is only the beginning.  In not knowing exactly where we are “allowed” to go with our thoughts and implementations and what it looks like to move together through entertaining ideas that we can either grasp or pass on as unattainable, some things are constant in my mind and don’t go away.

Sometimes they pop up and repress them.  Remember the Habits from 01.12.17?  Here is a snippet: … but there’s the line > It needs to be crossed > and you can cross it > It’s Up To YOU

Well, since I began teaching and loving learning, I have held on the “expedition” of learning.

Included is an image of the books I have from Expeditionary Learning (EL) practices ~ I am passing them to teachers at school to explore.

It was great to visit the Renaissance Expeditionary Learning Outward Bound School and also to be reminded of Expeditionary Learning in general.

Could Spring Hill Elementary be included in the success stories of school level implementation?

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts.  What is possible?  Post back on our Spring Hill Twitter and Instagram channels and include #shesexpedition.

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