Jeff Eller

I love learning and enjoy my role as a husband and father. My passion is turning learning into an adventure and being tuned on to the needs and processes of learning that students partake in. My goal is to make the adage "if you teach a man to fish he will never starve" to heart and make learning a process that really makes life livable. My final goal is to do as Colossians 3:23 says and to do all I do heartily as for the Lord.

I really enjoy running, cycling, canoeing, and backpacking. As a family we really like being outdoors and camping. It is so much fun being outdoors and making learning part of that adventure.

GaSTC is new territory for growth and expansion in learning

GaSTC is new territory for growth and expansion in learning

The Georgia Student Technology Competition is a first for students at Spring Hill Elementary School.  In the future, the spread of those that will be involved will expand.  In 2018, six students accepted the challenge to be part of the West Georgia Technology Competition which opened the door for state competition in March. While being ambassadors, the […]

Nutritional Supplements (or Whole Foods)

We are not a balanced meal … we are more like the dessert table. There needs to be nutritional expert in place to manage our diet. That may be why LIM did not work out very well after #lighthouse. Sugar high then … crash. Different sugars and different metabolisms. Some people slept through through the […]

#aglanta : Family and Community Connections

The family is the foundation and garden pursuits can lead to sustained inroads for many levels of growth and learning. Creativity, vigor, commitment, trust, and relationships will hold us together as a community and as a school ~ this makes the outcome a win-win. The school garden is a year round initiative to produce plants […]

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